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Salesman's Samples

As a selling tool, we created vintage style Salesman's Samples of finely turned maple and tiger maple posts just like the original 19th Century beds. These quarter-scale versions of classic three-quarter size rope beds, complete with rope holes, blanket-rails and bed-bolt covers, illustrate our painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship.

We've selected a Classic Cannonball Low Post Bed and an American Empire Tall Post Bed as the perfect vehicles for this project. Whether in warm wood tones or mellow paint finishes, our little beds do the important job of telling the story of our skilled craftsmanship.

Salesman's Samples

The custom hardwood beds in Salesman's Samples:

  • Sample Cannonball Bed

    Sample Cannonball Bed

    Delightful Miniature Cannonball Low Post Bed is an exacting replica of a 19th Century Cannonball Rope Bed.

  • Sample Empire Bed

    Sample Empire Bed

    Handsome Miniature American Empire Tall Post Bed is an exacting replica of a 19th Century Empire Rope Bed.