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The Santa Fe Bed

What a difference a winsome headboard and a painted finish make! The Santa Fe Bed is transformed from its vintage cannonball style into an eclectic cousin, suitable for Santa Fe!

Shapely hand-turned posts now complement our Four Square Beveled Headboard finished with a Cannonball Rolltop for added interest.

Shown here in maple with our Soft Red Glaze painted finish. Other woods and finishes available. All sizes. Great as a pair of twins!

w/Foot Posts
Post Style: P-122/P
Post Height: 50" (127 cm)/44" (112 cm)
Wood: Maple
Finish: L-II
Headboard: H-403
Rail Style: R-17C
Total Height: 53" (135 cm)
Finial: n/a
Size: Queen
Canopy: n/a
w/o Foot Posts
Post Height: 53" (135 cm)/20" (51 cm)
Post: P-122/122NF

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