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An amazing journey!

An amazing journey!

I am proud to be the developer of the new website and part of the Stephen  Plaud team!  Over 10 years ago I was approached by Spencer Plaud and asked to help build their web presence, and we did that together.  For my efforts, a new bed was personally installed by their crew and it is a piece of art.  Here we are today with a new, re-written website built on state-of-the-art front and back-end frameworks - still, the quality of the website pales in comparison to their product.

I want to take a moment to give you my thoughts on Stephen Plaud and their products.  Although I work closely with them, I am still an outsider so these statements are pure opinion.  First and foremost, calling the items they produce, 'products', somehow seems degrading - in actuality they build Heirlooms and I will further say that they are all museum quality.  Have you ever thought, "gee, they sure don't build things' like they used to!"?  Well, Stephen Plaud does just that - they design Heirlooms that will be providing beauty and pleasure for generations.  The attention to detail, the construction, the finish are all impecabble.

We will continue to add to this new site.  The additions will be posts, products and new features and functionalities!  Please, take a moment to 

Ok - now the technical stuff (my favorite part!)

This website was developed on CakePHP which allowed for very quick, dry and consice coding.  Many community plug-ins were used and I will be writing a seperate post about those later.  The front-end of this website was built on Twitter Bootstrap and Font-Awesome.  All three of these packages allow for a shortened development time and a better-looking more well controlled user interface.

The site is tightly integrated with the most popular social networks and you will see those links in header and footer of all pages throughout the site.  We have implemented "Live Chat" which allows people browsing the website to chat with the Stephen Plaud staff and get all questions answered.  The administrative users of the site are shown statistical information from Google Webmasters, Google Analytics and Bing in real-time.

If anyone has any questions please take advantage of the Live Chat (found at the top of every page).  If you have technical questions regarding this site you can email the webmasters at  If you have any questions regarding the development of this site or the technologies, you may contact me at or visit my sandbox and blog site.

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